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Page & Branch Summary
On these pages you will find information & links on software packages, suitable for researchers, students, practitioners and developers specifically suitable to forecasting tasks. Wish to add something to this portal ? Link exchange only in NN & forecasting sites! Send info, links etc. to add-info@neural-forecasting.com 

Software for Neural Network Forecasting!

Following we have listed selected neural network software programs / simulators that are suitable to forecasting, i.e. classification or regression tasks. While most software is suitable to classification tasks (binary output variables) each software offers a different focus on univariate, multivariate or intervention modelling for time series prediction. Especially sophisticated functionality on time series pre-processing to allow different input lag lengths etc. was not incorporated by any package.

In an attempt to further dissemination of forecasting with neural networks, we have collected a range of neural network software programs suitable to simulating NNs for forecasting applications in regression & classification. The CD-Rom includes over 20+ freeware, public domain as well as fully functional demos of the top commercial software packages, a selection of time series data for immediate experiments as well as a collection of relevant references and publicly available publications to allow a head start in neural forecasting. Most software listed below is included in it, to allow an unbiased comparison of software. Please find information under --> Free CD-ROM Starter-Kit in the navigation bar on the left.

Please check back for our review of the individual programs regarding their suitability to regression or classification based forecasting. Most software offers different methods & algorithms, and most allow the automation of classification tasks. However, there remain significant differences regarding efficiency (speed & data ressource required), user interface design, methods incorporated, knowledge & principles included (out of sample testing) etc. Also, the integration of data ETL-services (extraction, transformation & load) differ substantially for both application domains, i.e. creating data patterns in dependence of a window length of lagged variables may cause manual pre-processing and ex post comparison outside the software, limiting its abilities to support decision making..

The following order is alphabetically and does not imply any superiority or preference in software packages. Prices quote single licenses.

Alyuda Research, USA

Neural network software for experts designed for intelligent support in applying neural networks to solve real-world forecasting, classification and function approximation problems. Alyuda offers a range of products ...

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...

neural network softwareOfficial product & sales info:Neural network software for experts designed for intelligent support in applying neural networks to solve real-world forecasting, classification and function approximation problems. Use intelligent features to pre-process datasets, find efficient architecture, analyze performance and apply the neural network to new data. Experts can create and test their solutions much faster, increase their productivity and improve results.
 Price:US$399.- 01/10/2004
neural networks softwareOfficial product & sales info:Forecast stock prices, build and test trading systems based on artificial neural networks and traditional technical analysis. The tool helps beginning investors and veteran traders make better trading decisions with its ability to learn patterns from historical data. It informs when to enter and exit positions using discovered market movement patterns and stock forecasts.
 Price:US$399.- 01/10/2004, NeuroSignalXL Lite US$199.- 01/10/2004
neural network softwareOfficial product & sales info:Neural network software for forecasting, data analysis and classification. It allows you improving your forecasting using the power of neural network technology. Alyuda Forecaster was designed for managers and engineers to help them solve forecasting and estimation problems. Its features Wizard interface, automatic data analysis and automatic parameters selection.
 Price:US$249.- 01/10/2004
neural networks softwareOfficial product & sales info:Forecast with easy-to-use Excel add-in. You can instantly apply forecasting capabilities of neural networks to your Excel data, while still retaining all of Excel's data manipulation and formatting tools. The Forecaster XL add-in offers a simple way to enhance your analytical and forecasting capabilities, making it an ideal tool for your everyday forecasting and data analysis requirements.
 Price:US$149.- 01/10/2004
neural networks softwareOfficial product & sales info:General-purpose neural networks library written in ANSI C++ and compiled with Visual C++ 6.0. With this library you can create, train and apply constructive neural networks for both regression and classification problems. With NeuroFusion software developers can easily integrate state-of-the-art constructive neural networks with their software.
 Price:US$399.- 01/10/2004



Attrasoft Inc., USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
attrasoft PredictorOfficial product & sales info:Predictor is Attrasoft's application of neural network technology. Predictor analyze tremendous amounts of information available through your database or spreadsheets, learning relationships and patterns. This enables Predictor to detect subtle changes and predict results
 Price:US$99.- 01/10/2004
attrasoft Predictor ProOfficial product & sales info:Making decisions based on your projection of the future events is a way of life. Attrasoft PredictorPro is a fast terabyte data processing tool for your database. It uses a sequence of numbers to predict the next row of numbers in line. It uses historical data to predict future possibilities. It does not matter what you want to predict. 
 Price:US$499.- 01/10/2004



CPC-X Software, USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
nptitle.gifOfficial product & sales info:Have you ever tried to find a idea tool for Forecasting in Engineering, Financial and Stock Market, Classification and Pattern Recognition, Decision Mark and problem optimization, Time Series Analysis ... Have a try of NeuralPower! A powerful, easiest-to-use and unmatched MLP neural network software package with many extra features you never seen before!
 Price:US$149.- 01/10/2004
aftitle.gifOfficial product & sales info:Auto2Fit is a robust, flexible and state-of-the-art Win32 program. It use advance Optimization and Evolution Algorithms to handle complicated problems that are hard or impossible for regular/traditional approaches. With it, you can easily solve problems like regression and Curve Fit, Global Optimization, Equation Solve, Model Auto-calibration, plot function charts
 Price:US$149.- 01/10/2004


Knowledge Miner Inc., USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
New release of KnowledgeMiner 5.0 from Script SoftwareOfficial product & sales info:KnowledgeMiner is a data mining tool that enables anyone to use its unique form of modelling to quickly visualize new possibilities. It is an artificial intelligence tool designed to easily extract hidden knowledge from data. It was built on the cybernetic principles of self-organization: Learning a completely unknown relationship between output and input of any given system in an evolutionary way from a very simple organization to an optimally complex one.
 Price:US$120.- copper - 1800.- platinum (01/10/2004)


NeuroDimension Inc., USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
Official product & sales info:NeuroSolutions is NeuroDimension's base product. This leading edge software combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced learning procedures, such as recurrent backpropagation and backpropagation through time. Some other notable features include C++ source code generation, customized components through DLLs, a comprehensive macro language, and Visual Basic accessibility through OLE Automation.
 Price:US$795.- user / 1295.- consultant / 1995.- professional / 2495.- developer (01/10/2004)
Official product & sales info:The NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox is a valuable addition to MATLAB's technical computing capabilities allowing users to leverage the power of NeuroSolutions inside MATLAB. The toolbox features 15 neural models, 5 learning algorithms and a host of useful utilities integrated in an easy-to-use interface, which requires “next to no knowledge” of neural networks to begin using the product.
 Price:US$795.-  (01/10/2004)
Official product & sales info:NeuroSolutions for Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in to supplement NeuroSolutions. You simply highlight portions of your data as training, cross validation, or testing within your Excel spreadsheet, step through a few configuration panels, and you have a working neural network. Configure another panel and watch Excel graph the results from a batch of experiments. This powerful feature allows you to easily determine the optimum network parameters
Official product & sales info:TradingSolutions 3.0 is now available! This advanced technical analysis software combines neural network and genetic algorithm technologies with traditional technical analysis to create a highly effective tool for financial modelling.
 Price:US$995.- /  1295.- Suite / 1995.- real-time / 1995.- real-time suite (01/10/2004)
Official product & sales info:Genetic Server and Genetic Library are flexible Software Development Kits (SDKs) that allow programmers to easily use genetic algorithms to solve their optimization problems. They can also be use to embed genetic optimization into a custom application which can then be distributed free of charge.
 Price:US$795.- library + server (01/10/2004)
http://www.nd.com/  - http://www.neurosolutions.com


Neural Planner Software

Neural Planner Software, USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
EasyNN PlusOfficial product & sales info:EasyNN-plus is a neural network software system for Microsoft Windows
 Price:US$49.- 01/10/2004


Promised Land Technologies, USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
BraincellOfficial product & sales info:BrainCell is a PC software tool that generates neural nets. BrainCell, combined with Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3, creates the first "intelligent spreadsheetª". It makes possible a sophisticated new level of problem-solving and analysis that can give planners, business executives, engineers, scientists, and others a major competitive advantage.
 Price:US$249.- 01/10/2004


Ward Systems Group


Ward Systems, USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...


A complete and discounted artificial intelligence toolkit of our most popular professional products that solves prediction and classification problems and can discover optimum values for model inputs.
 Price:US$ 1245.- (01/10/2004)
GeneHunterGenetic algorithm product designed for optimizations such as finding the best schedules, financial indicators, mixes, model variables, locations, parameter settings, portfolios, etc
 Price:US$ 545.- (01/10/2004)
NeuroShell PredictorProfessional system to solve forecasting and estimation problems by learning historical data.
 Price:US$ 545.- (01/10/2004)
NeuroShell ClassifierProfessional system that learns historical patterns to categorize or classify data.
 Price:US$ 545.- (01/10/2004)
NeuroShell 2An experimentation kit of 16 classic neural network architectures primarily for students and professors.
 Price:US$ 870.- (01/10/2004)

NeuroShell Trader
Trader Professional
DayTrader Professional

Enables you to create and backtest end-of-day or intraday financial forecasting models that may include indicators, trading rules, neural networks, and genetic algorithm optimization.
 Price:Trader US$ 795.- (01/10/2004)
Trader Professional US$ 1395.- (01/10/2004)
Trader Professional US$ 2295.- (01/10/2004)
 NeuroShell Engine - a programmer's "API" for existing customers which specially licenses the internal learning mechanisms of the NeuroShell Predictor and NeuroShell Classifier for inclusion in their own applications.
 NeuroShell Run-Time Server - contains Excel addins and a programmer's "API" so you may apply (call) models created in either NeuroShell Predictor or Classifier from Excel, from your own programs or from a web page (Windows based servers only. For Unix based servers, please take a look at NeuroShell 2) with a license to distribute royalty free.
 Price:US$ 445.- (01/10/2004)


Soon to be added: Crystal & Analyser & Optimizer,


Additionally, there is a wide variety on NN software available. For a extensive overview please use the link on the left. We have grouped the software packages by the user's purposes. Application oriented software is ready for immediate applications in various domains, while research focussed software offers more modelling degrees of freedom and extension, while requiring more knowledge and manual tasks in the application process. Developers require source code, components etc. to develop individual software based upon neural networks.

Software for Forecasting

CPC-X Software, USA

Below, please find the official product description. An individual, objective review will follow shortly ...
AutoboxOfficial product & sales info:

Automatic Forecasting Systems (AFS) was founded in 1975 to launch and market radical improvements in forecasting software.Our mission is to provide the most sophisticated software utilizing Box-Jenkins forecasting methodology
Our heuristics are often capable of exceeding experts due to the exhaustive search based approach which considers alternative sequences to model augmentation. Our unique intervention detection is able to identify outliers, steps, level shifts and local time trends
Autobox is AFS's flagship product, providing cutting edge forecasting for the PC desktop for 28 years. Autobox provides a start to finish environment designed to make forecasting easy whether you have one series or one thousand.
Autobox has a complete set of forecasting features that will appeal to both novice and expert forecasters. It's automatic features are unparalleled in breadth and depth of implementation. Autobox is truly the power forecasters dream tool with a pallette of tools that allows the forecaster to build models that work.

 Price:US$398.- 5000.- (and a lot HIGHER!)  01/10/2004
FreeforeOfficial product & sales info:

FreeFore is simply the easiest way to forecast. Designed with both the novice and expert forecaster in mind you can load your data and forecast like a Pro. No matter what method you currently use to forecast, FreeFore will improve your ability to forecast accurately.

FreeFore uses the Autobox engine, which has won the prestigious “Best Dedicated Forecasting Program” for the past four years running! AFS’s unique approach doesn’t try to shoehorn the data into a model or a limited number of models, allow FreeFore to combine, history and causals in an optimal way incorporating when needed Level Shifts, Local Time Trends and both One Time and Seasonal Pulses.FreeFore discovers new causal variables by gleaning patterns from historical forecast errors and outliers identified by the Autobox Engine! Many cases result in causal variables you may not have even known existed. i.e. promotions, holidays, day of the week effects and many others... Check your accuracy using our professional forecasting diagnostics by including Future and Retained values to create rolling forecasts.

 Price:FREE - US$1200.- 01/10/2004


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