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Page & Branch Summary
On these pages you will find information & links on individual researchers, research groups and associations with a track record in neural forecasting. Wish to add something to this portal ? Link exchange only in NN & forecasting sites! Send info, links etc. to add-info@neural-forecasting.com 


Researchers & Research Groups on Forecasting with Neural Networks

Research Centres for Neural Forecasting


There are very few research institutions focussing only or primarily on Neural Network forecasting. Usually, individual member of a research team in the area of forecasting, computational intelligence, data mining, artificial intelligence, operations research and management science or information systems focus their work. These experts and their publications should serve as an initial contact ...



Siemens Research Lab

Research unit under the Supervision of Dr. Hans-Georg Zimmermann, showing a track record of year s in neural networks for forecasting. He has developed a commercial software simulator SENN and focuses on recurrent architectures.


Georgia State University, College of Business

Although Georgia State doesn't have a research team dedicated to forecasting, Prof. G. Peter Zhang researches and publishes heavily in neural network forecasting.


Lancaster University Management School - Centre for Forecasting

One of the few international research centres focussing on forecasting. Not only conventional methods of exponential smoothing, regression, ARIMA etc. are analysed but also soft issues of organisational structure of forecasting, processes and systems. Includes a team of specialist focussing purely on NN forecasting

http://www.lums.lancs.ac.uk or s.crone@lancaster.ac.uk  --> watch out! this website is hosted by us, so we ARE biased ;-)





Contact opportunities



Possibly one of the most efficient ways to reach a large amount of researchers & practitioners at the same time & with limited effort is through online community services, such as mailing lists. The most effective are





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