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We have received hundreds of request from all over the world in the past weeks, far exceeding our limited budget! Unfortunately, we are therefore no longer able to send out CDs and process every request in a timely matter. Please accept our apologies for this. While gathering additional resources to fulfil all your requests in the future, please accept our apologies that we are no longer able to post the CD to you.

As an alternative, we have provided a download zipped parts of the CD in a secured area of the website. Please simply

  1. register for the newsletter on the left
  2. You will be sent a confirmation eMail with a link --> click on the link to confirm your subscription.
    You will receive access information providing the login details for the download link below (beware: 300+MB all together).
  3. Then click on the button below ...

Download CD (current Version V2.01)

Should you wish to download the CD, please provide us with the details as described below plus a short info that you wish to download !!!


We have collected a range of neural network software programs suitable to simulating NNs for forecasting applications in regression & classification. The CD-Rom includes over 20+ freeware, public domain as well as fully functional demos of the top commercial software packages, a selection of time series data for immediate experiments as well as a collection of relevant references and publicly available publications to allow a head start in neural forecasting.

Software packages included (fully functional / demo):

Commercial Software Packages (ff/demo)Public Domain Software Packages (ff)
  • Alyuda Forecaster

  • Alyuda Forecaster XL

  • Alyuda NeuroIntelligence

  • Alyuda NeuroSignalXL

  • Attrasoft Predictor

  • CPC-X Neural Power

  • CPC-X Auto2Fit

  • NeuralPlanner EasyNN Plus

  • NeuralPlanner NeuralPlanner

  • NeuroDimensions NueroSolution

  • NIBS NeuroForecaster

  • Promised Land Braincell

  • Ward Systems NeuroShell Predictor

  • ...

  • LSIIT NeuroWin

  • Neil Frasier Brainbox

  • NeuraLab Predict

  • NNSYSID Mathlab Toolbox

  • Phil Brierley TiberiusXL

  • Uni Stuttgart SNNS

  • Uni Stuttgart JNNS

  • ...


If the procedure above does not work to receive your free CD please register manually for newsletter & mailing list and send an email to order@neural-forecasting.com with

  • the subject line "Neural Forecasting free CD order"

  • containing your name, institution, student/researcher/professional,

  • postal address

  • and email address

In order to receive the package, you will need to agree that we forward this information to those software suppliers that have programs hosted on the CD. Your addresses be used on a confidential basis and will not be otherwise disseminated, disclosed or passed on to third parties.

Info: If your software isn't on the CD and you would like it to be included, please contact the webmaster: sven.crone (at) neural-forecasting.com.

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