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There are very few research institutions focussing only or primarily on Neural Network forecasting. Usually, individual member of a research team in the area of forecasting, computational intelligence, data mining, artificial intelligence, operations research and management science or information systems focus their work. These experts and their publications should serve as an initial contact ...

We consider Research Centres with extensive publications in Forecasting, in IEEE conferences, Journals, Book Chapters etc. for leading applications and research. As almost every department has previously published some forecasting related material, the current initiative plays an important role as well. Please consider that rank remains subjective, and that we welcome contributions & comments.

Leading Research Centres for Neural Forecasting




Georgia State University, College of Business

Although Georgia State doesn't have a research team dedicated to forecasting, Prof. G. Peter Zhang researches and publishes heavily in neural network forecasting.

Contact: G. Peter Zhang,



Kent State University



Siemens Research Lab

Research unit under the Supervision of Dr. Hans-Georg Zimmermann, showing a track record of year s in neural networks for forecasting. He has developed a commercial software simulator SENN and focuses on recurrent architectures.



Research Centres with selected publications on Neural Forecasting


Lancaster University Management School - Centre for Forecasting

The LCF is one of a handful of international centres focussing its research and consultancy entirely on methods, processes and systems for forecasting. Spiral Stairs in LUMS Graduate Building

Based at one of the most prestigious Management  Schools and the UK’s largest department of Management Science, it offers 15 years of expertise on the complete range of predictive analytics, from  demand planning to market modelling, from  statistical methods to artificial intelligence and from public  sector to corporations in telecommunications, fast moving consumer goods, insurances and manufacturing, through:

  • Consultancy projects
  • Applied research projects
  • In-house teaching & coaching
  • Master’s & PhD student projects with guidance from experienced staff  

One of the few international research centres focussing on forecasting. Not only conventional methods of exponential smoothing, regression, ARIMA etc. are analysed but also soft issues of organisational structure of forecasting, processes and systems. Includes a team of specialist focussing purely on NN forecasting

Contact: Sven F. Crone, s.crone@lancaster.ac.uk

http://www.lums.lancs.ac.uk or


LAMBDA - Learning And Mining from DatA - Group, Nanjing University, China

LAMDA is Professor Zhi-Hua Zhou's research group, which is affiliated with the National Laboratory for Novel Software Technology and the Department of Computer Science & Technology , Nanjing University , China.

The main research interests of LAMDA include machine learning, data mining, information retrieval, pattern recognition, neural computing, evolutionary computing, and some other related areas. Currently our research mainly involves: ensemble learning, multi-instance learning, manifold learning, learning from unlabelled data, learning from cost-sensitive and imbalanced data, text classification, content-based image retrieval, face recognition, etc.






Division of Neural Comutation at Bonn University

Based upon the Department of Computer Science.

Contact: Dr. Nils Goerke, goerke (a) nero.uni-bonn.de




Research Centres on Forecasting without Neural Network Expertise



Business and Economic Forecasting Unit

Business & Economic Forecasting Unit, Monash University

The Business and Economic Forecasting Unit under Prof. Rob Hynman was established in 2001 with the aim of building on the research strengths of the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics in the area of forecasting. The Unit undertakes consulting and contract research, runs short courses for business and industry, and offers scholarships to postgraduate students wishing to undertake research in forecasting-related areas

Contact: Prof. Roby Hyndman, Rob.Hyndman (a) buseco.monash.edu.au






General Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence & Computational Intelligence oriented Research Centres & Groups










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