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Recent Events of High Relevance



DMIN'06 - The 2006 International Conference on Data MiningStartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
International Conference on Data Mining in Las Vegas, with call for papers for tracks on Business Intelligence and Forecasting.26.06.200629.06.200620.02.200620.03.290620.04.2006

ISF 2005 (ENNS) - International Symposium on ForecastingStartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
Forecasting conference organised by the IIF, the International Institute of Forecasting, in Santander, Spain. Possibly THE most relevant conference for NN forecasting - the 2005 conference attracted over 40 papers in 7 sessions, including a theoretical track, an application track and a forecasting competition. In 2006 there will again be a dedicated NN track - the CfP is due soon. No conference proceedings are published, but selected papers are invited to the International Journal of Forecasting. 11.06.200614.06.200628.02.2006 (abstract)27.03.2906n.a.

WCCI 2006 (IEEE) - World Congress on COmputational IntelligenceStartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
NN conference organised by the IEEE associations of computational intelligence, in Vancouver, Canada.  Biggest conference on computational intelligence in Vancouver, Canada. Announced track on temporal prediction and Time Series Analysis. There is a special session on prediction of sequential data and Time Series Analysis. Highly ranked (4*, 2nd after NIPS) & well respected conference with large attendance & over 2000+ papers presented!!!16.07.200621.07.200631.01.200615.03.200615.04.2006

ICANN 2005 (ENNS)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
NN conference organised by the ENNS, in Warsaw, Poland. The time series prediction competition has been canceled, although the general CfP includes a specific call for time series processing.11.09.200515.09.200515.02.2005  

IJCNN 2005 (IEEE & INNS)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
NN conference in Montreal, Canada, with specific CfP on Data Mining and Time Series Analysis. Highly ranked (4*, 2nd after NIPS) & well respected conference with large attendance & regularly over 1000 papers presented.


31.07.2005  04.08.200531.01.2005  

ISF'05 - International Symposium on Forecasting, San Antonio (IIF)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
Forecasting conference organised by the IIF in San Antonio, USA, with 2 confirmed, dedicated tracks on neural network forecasting, a forecasting competition and a full-day workshop on neural networks for forecasting by Dr. H.-G.Zimmermann of Siemens Research. Highly accepted conference attracting over 300 presentations in all areas of forecasting. Highly relevant conference for 2005!  Perhaps THE neural forecasting conference of 2005 ;-) The call for papers may be found [here]12.06.2005 15.06.200518.03.2005
... more     


DMIN'05 - International Conference on Data Mining, Las Vegas StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
Special Session on Neural Networks and other Data Mining Methods for Business Intelligence at the International Conference on Data Mining (DMIN'05 hosted by the World Academy of Sciences as part of the 2005 World Congress on Applied Computing spanning over 14 major conference (WCAC'05). The call for papers may be found [here] !!! The DMIN is the week after the ISF'05 and the week before the ICAI at the same Las Vegas location!20.06.2005 23.06.200514.03.200530.03.2005pending


ICAI'05 - International Conference on Artifical Intelligence, Las Vegas StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
Special Session on Neural Networks and other Soft Computing Methods for Business Intelligence at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI'05) hosted by the World Academy of Sciences as part of the 2005 International Multiconference in Computer Science and  Computer Engineering spanning over 16 major conference (IMCSE'05). The call for papers may be found [here] The ICAI is the week after the DMIN'05 at the same Las Vegas location!!!27.06.2005 30.06.200514.03.200530.03.2005pending

The last NN Competition on Time Series Prediction - or CATS attracted 22 teams & different CI approaches.
... more information & results




Conferences of Lower Relevance (B)


M2006 (SAS) StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
SAS's 9th Annual Data Mining Technology Conference - a corporate conference by SAS in Las Vegas! Featuring four keynote addresses and more than 30 session talks that reach across industries and business functions, M2006 is appropriate for anyone in business, academia, or education who would like to learn how to fully harness and exploit the power of their data. Don't miss this opportunity to network with colleagues from all over the world and get the most up-to-date information in the industry from data mining's top thought-leaders, visionaries and practitioners. 23.10.2005 24.06.2005n.a.n.a.n.a.

ISNN 2006 StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
The Third International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN 2006) will be held in Chengd. ISNN 2006 aims to provide a high-level international forum for scientists, engineers, and educators to present the state of the art of neural network research and applications in diverse fields. The symposium will feature plenary speeches given by worldwide renowned scholars, regular sessions with broad coverage, and some special sessions focusing on popular topics. 29.05.2006 31.05.200615.11.200515.12.200515.01.2006

M2005 (SAS) StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
SAS's 8th Annual Data Mining Technology Conference - a corporate conference by SAS in Las Vegas! 24.10.2005 25.06.2005n.a.n.a.n.a.


ICONIP 2005 (APNNA)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
NN conference organised by the APNNA in Taipeh, Taiwan. The general CfP includes a specific call for time series processing.30.10.200502.11.200515.03.2005  

ISNN 2005StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
"The Second International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN 2005) will be held in Chongqing in southwestern China, as a sequel of ISNN 2004 successfully held in Dalian, China. ISNN 2005 aims to provide a broad international forum for scientists, engineers, and educators working in the areas of neural networks to discuss state-of-the-art science and technologies, and their applications in diverse areas. The symposium will feature plenary speeches given by worldwide renowned scholars, regular sessions with broad coverage, and some special sessions focused on popular topics."
The symposium is supported by the IEEE and the CfP features a the special topic of time series analysis.
... more


ICDM 2004 (IEEE)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
Data Mining conference organised by the IEEE in Brighton, UK, with a workshop on temporal data mining and a tutorial time series prediction. ... more01.11.200404.11.2004passedpassedpassed


EANN 2005 (IEEE & INNS)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
The 9th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks in Lille, France, offers a special CfP on Time Series Analysis.

... more


Predictive Analytics Summit 2004

Predictive Analytics Summit 2004, New York (SPSS & AMA)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
Data Mining conference organised by software vendor SPSS with the American Marketing Association.

... more

12.10.2005 12.10.2005participation


International Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance (CIEF'2005)StartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinal
The 4th International Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance (CIEF'2005) will be held in conjunction with the 2005 JCIS Joint Conference on Information Science, including the 10th International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Technology, 7th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing, 6th International Workshop on Frontiers in Evolutionary Algorithms, 6th International Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, 6th International Symposium on Computational Biology and Genome Informatics, 4th International Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Computing and Networking,  2nd International Workshop on Bio-Inspired Systems and Brain-Like Computer, 1st International Workshop on Data Mining, 1st International Symposium on Web Intelligence and Security, 2005, 1st International Workshop on E-Service Intelligence, all fields related to neural networks and of potential interest to forecasting.

... more

21.06.2005 26.06.20515.01.200515.03.200530.04.2005


Recent Events of lower Relevance

TitelNameLocationStartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinalRankRelevanceLinkAudience FocusContent FocusPriorityMain TopicAssociation
AIA 2005IASTED Int値 Conf. on AI & ApplicationsInnsbruck, Austria14.02.200416.02.2004passedpassedpassedNOTBwww.iasted.org/conferences/2005/innsbruck/aia.htm Artificial IntelligenceIASTED
WAMEM 20042nd Int値 Workshop on Data Mining & Adaptive Modeling Methods for Economics & Management (with ECML/PKDD 2004)Pisa, Italy20.09.2004 passedpassedpassedNBwww.niaad.liacc.up.pt/AMEMIG/iwamem_04.htmlData Mining 
SCIS 2004 & ISIS 2004Joint 2nd Int値 Conf. on Soft Computing & Intelligent Systems and 5th Int値 Symp. on Advanced Intelligent SystemsYokohama, Japan21.09.200424.09.2004passedpassedpassedNChttp://scis2004.t-kougei.ac.jp/  Artificial Intelligence 
KES 20048th Int値 Conf. on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information & Eng. SystemWellington, New Zealand22.09.200424.09.2004passedpassedpassedNBwww.kesinternational.org/kes2004/  Artificial Intelligence 
ICDM 20044th IEEE Int値 Conf. on Data MiningBrighton, UK01.11.200404.11.2004passedpassedpassedNBhttp://icdm04.cs.uni-dortmund.de Data MiningIEEE
ICIS 2005International Conference on Information SystemsLas Vegas USA11.12.200414.12.2004passedpassedpassedn.a.O    Information Systems 
HICCS 2005Hawaiian International Conference on System SciencesHawaii, USA03.01.200506.01.2005passedpassedpassedn.a.B    Information Systems 
AIA 2005ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND APPLICATIONS ~AIA 2005~, IASTEDInnsbruck, Austria14.02.200516.02.2005passedpassedpassedNOTBhttp://www.iasted.org/conferences/2005/innsbruck/aia.htmArtificial IntelligenceIASTED
WI 20057. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik 2005Bamberg, Germany23.02.200525.02.2005   NChttp://www.wi2005.de    Information Systems 
BIS 20058th International Conference on Business Information Systems BIS Poznan, Poland20.04.200522.04.2005   NC    Information Systems 
ESANN 200513th European Symposium on Artificial Neural NetworksBruges, Belgium27.04.200529.04.200503.12.2004  NA    Neural NetworksENNS
PAKDD 20059th Pacific-Asia Conf. on Knowledge Discovery & Data MiningHanoi, Vietnam18.05.200520.05.005   3Cwww.jaist.ac.jp/PAKDD-05  Data Mining 
EANN 20059th International conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks Lille, France24.05.200526.05.200501.03.200515.04.200515.06.2005  http://www.ensm-douai.fr/eann05     
ECIS 200513th European Conference on Information Systems, Doctorate Symposium 23.05.200525.05.200501.11.2004  NO    Information Systems 
ECIS 200513th European Conference on Information Systems 26.05.200528.05.2005   NOhttp://www.ecis2005.de/  Information Systems 
ISNN 20052nd International Symposium on Neural NetworksChongqing, China30.05.200501.06.200501.01.200501.02.200501.03.2005NBhttp://isci.cqu.edu.cn/isnn2005/index.htm  Neural NetworksIEEE
AIS-ADM-05, Int値 Workshop on Autonomous Intelligent Systems: Agents & Data MiningSt. Petersburg, Russia06.06.200508.06.2005   N http://space.iias.spb.su/ais05/ Data Mining 
ISF 2005International Symposium on ForecastingSan Antonio, USA12.06.200515.05.2005   n.a.A    ForecastingIIF
IIS 2005Intelligent Information Systems 2005 - New Trends in Intelligent Information Processing and Web MiningGdańsk, Poland13.06.200516.06.200518.10.2004  NChttp://iipwm.ipipan.waw.pl/  Information Systems 
ICNN 20056th International Conference on Neural Networks, WSEAS Lisbon, Portugal16.06.200518.06.200515.01.2005  NBhttp://www.worldses.org/conferences/2005/lisbon/nn/index.htmlNeural Networks 
IC-AI 2005International Conference on Artificial IntelligenceLas Vegas, USA27.06.200530.06.2005TBA  NA    Neural NetworksWAS
AIA 2005 - AAAI 200520th National Conference on Artificial IntelligencePitsburgh, USA09.07.200513.07.2005   1Cional/2005/aaai05.html  Artificial Intelligence 
AIA 2005 - AAAI 20057th Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence ConferencePitsburgh, USA09.07.200513.07.2005   1Cional/2005/aaai05.html  Artificial Intelligence 
IFORS 2005International Federation of Operations Research SocietiesHonolulu, Hawaii11.07.200515.07.200515.12.2004 abstract  n.a.Chttp://www.informs.org/Conf/IFORS2005/ Academic & Practice Operations Research 
CIEF'20054th International Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Economics and FinanceSalt Lake City, Utah15.01.200515.03.200530.04.2005  


IJCAI 2005Biannial International Joint Conference on Artificial IntelligenceEdinburgh, Scotland30.07.200505.08.200501.02.200501.04.2005 1Chttp://www.ijcai-05.org/  Artificial Intelligence 
IJCNN 2005International Joint Conference on Neural NetworksMontreal, Canada31.07.200504.08.200531.01.2005  2B    Neural NetworksIEEE & INNS
KDD2005THE ELEVENTH ACM SIGKDD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY AND DATA MININGChicago, USA21.08.200524.08.200518.02.2005  1Bhttp://www.acm.org/sigkdd/kdd2005  or http://www.kdd2005.com Data Mining 
ICANN 2005International Conference on Artificial Neural NetworksWarsaw, Poland11.09.200515.09.200515.02.2005  3A    Neural NetworksENNS
ASC 2005ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & SOFT COMPUTING ~ASC 2005~Benidorm, Spain12.09.200514.09.200501.05.2005  NOTB    Artifical Intelligence 
CIS 2004IEEE Conf. on Cybernetics & Intelligent SystemsSingapore01.12.200503.12.2005   N http://cis-ram.nus.edu.sg  Artifical Intelligence 
IICAI 20052nd Indian Int値 Conf. on AIIndia20.12.200522.12.2005   NCwww.iiconference.org    Artifical Intelligence 
ICONIP 2005International Conference on Neural Information ProcessingTaipeh, Taiwan30.10.200502.11.200515.03.2005  3Bhttp://cnn.cn.nctu.edu.tw/iconip2005/   Neural NetworksAPNNA
ISF 2006International Symposium on ForecastingSantander, Spain2006 TBA    n.a.A    ForecastingIIF
ISF 2007International Symposium on ForecastingNew York, USA2007 TBA    n.a.A    ForecastingIIF
ICIS 2004International conference on Information Systems      n.a.O    Information Systems 
ECIS 2005 Regensburg, germany     n.a.O    Information Systems 
PACIS 2005 Bangkok, Thailand     n.a.O    Information Systems 
AMCIS 2005 Nebraska, USA     n.a.O    Information Systems 
DM 2005 (?)Sixth International Conference on Data Mining, Text Mining and their Business ApplicationsSkiathos, Greece     NBhttp://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2005/data05/Data Mining 
AIKED 20054th WSEAS International Conference on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING, and DATA BASES    NC    Artificial Intelligence 
AI 200527th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence      NChttp://ki2004.uni-ulm.de/   Artificial Intelligence 
EIS 20057th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems   29.10.200520.12.200431.01.2005NOhttp://www.iceis.org/  Information Systems 


TitelNameLocationStartEndDeadlineAcceptanceFinalOrganisationLinkAudienceContent FocusPriority
IC-AI'04International Conference on Artificial IntelligenceLas Vegas, USA21.06.200424.06.200431.01.200431.02.2004 appx.15.03.2004IEEE,INNS,ENNShttp://www.world-academy-of-science.org:8080/CSREA/ws/IC-AIacademicNN applicaions - data mining
IC-AI'04 NN&BIICAI'04 (see above) - Special Session on Neural Networks for Business Intelligence Las Vegas, USA21.06.200424.06.200414.03.2004*30.03.2003n.a.IEEE,INNS,ENNShttp://www.bis-lab.de/conferences/ic-ai04/cfp_ic-ai04.htmacademicNN applicaions - data mining
ISF 2004International Symposium on Forecasting 2004Sydney04.07.200407.07.200427.02.200420.03.2004n.a.IIFhttp://www.isf2004.org/academic & corporate 
IJCNN 2004International Joint Conference on Neural NetworksBudapest, Hungary25.07.200429.07.200431.01.200415.03.200415.05.2004IEEE,INNS,ENNShttp://www.conferences.hu/budapest2004academicNN applicaions - all
IJCNN 2004catsInternational Joint Conference on Neural Networks - Time Series CompetitionBudapest, Hungary25.07.200429.07.200407.03.2004no infono infoIEEE,INNS,ENNShttp://www.conferences.hu/budapest2004academicNN applicaions - all
KDD 2004ACM SIGKDD International Conference on knowledge discovery and data miningSeatle, USA22.08.200425.08.200420.02.200421.05.200406.04.2004ACM SIGhttp://www.acm.org/sigkdd/kdd2004/index.htmlacademic 
ECAI 2004European Conference on Artificial IntelligenceValencia, Spain22.08.200427.08.200413.02.200402.05.200531.05.2004 http://www.dsic.upv.es/ecai2004/   
STAIRS 2004European Starting Young Researchers Symposium (part of ECAI'04)Valencia, Spain23.08.200424.08.200401.04.2004no infono info http://www.dsic.upv.es/ecai2004/stairs04   
KES 2004Knowledge Based Intelligent Information & Engineering SystemsWellington, New Zealand20.09.200424.09.200401.03.2004*01.04.200401.05.2004KEShttp://www.kesinternational.org/kes2004/academic 
ICONIP 2004International Conference in Neral Information ProcessingCalcutta, India22.11.200425.11.200415.03.200415.07.200430.08.2004APNNAhttp://www.isical.ac.in/~iconip04/sub1.php?num=2&item=1academic 
IJCNN'05International Joint Conference on Neural NetworksMontreal, Canada31.07.200504.08.2005 open  IEEE & INNShttp://www.ijcnn.netacademic 
NCI 2004Neural Networks and Comutational IntelligenceGrindelwald, Switzerland23.02.200425.02.2004 passedpassedpassedIASTEDhttp://www.iasted.org/conferences/2004/switzerland/nci.htmacademicNN applicaions - allB
FSSCEF 2004International Conference on Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing in Economics and FinanceSt.Petersburg, Russia17.06.200420.06.200430.01.200415.03.200401.04.2004 http://sedok.narod.ru/fsef.htmlacademic B
ICDM 2004International Conference on Data Mining, Text Mining and Business ApplicationsMalaga, Spain15.09.200417.09.2004 asap  Wessex Institutehttp.//wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2004/datamining04/index.htmlacademic & corporate B
AIKED 2005International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Eng. and Data BasesSalzburg, Austria13.02.200515.02.200531.10.200430.11.2004n.a.WSEAShttp://www.worldses.org/conferences/2005/austria/aiked/academic B
AIA 2004IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA 2004)Innsbruck, Austria16.02.200418.02.200403.11.2003 15.11.2003IASTEDhttp://www.iasted.org/conferences/2004/Innsbruck/aia.htmacademicAI - NN applicationsB
ICAISC 2004International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft ComputingZakopane, Poland07.06.200411.06.200430.01.200430.03.200405.05.2004Polish NNSociety http://www.icaisc.pcz.czest.placademic B
MKWI 2004Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik - Track Business IntelligenceEssen Germany09.03.200411.03.200420.10.200301.12.200301.01.2004  academicData Mining - Comutational IntellB
IJCAI'2005Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Edinburgh, Scotland31.07.200505.08.2005    http://ijcai05.csd.abdn.ac.uk/academic B
AAAI 0419th National Conference on Artificial IntelligenceSan Jose, USA25.07.200429.07.2004passed    academic B
IAAI 0416th Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference San Jose, USA25.07.200429.07.2004passed    academic B
AINN'04International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Neural NetworksCanakkale, Turkey07.07.200409.07.200427.02.2004   http://cd.comu.edu.tr/ainnacademic B
AIMSA 2004International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, ApplicationsVarna, Bulgaria02.09.200404.09.200410.05.200417.06.200430.06.2004 http://www.aimsa2004.org/academic B
ICCF 2004International Conference on Computational Finance & Applications 2004 Bologna, Italy21.04.200421.-23.04.2004asap   http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2004/finance04/index.html#OBJECTIVESacademic B
IS'04IEEE International Conference Intelligent SystemsVarna, Bulgaria22.06.200422.-24.06.2004student March  IEEEhttp://sedok.narod.ru/fsef.html#2academic B
ASC 2004Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft ComputingMarbella, Spain01.09.200401.-03.09.200401.05.200401.06.200405.07.2004IASTEDhttp://www.iasted.org/conferences/2004/spain/asc.htmacademicNN applicaions - allB
NNA 2004International Conference on Neural Networks and ApplicationsUdine, Italy  31.01.200420.02.2004n.a.WSEAShttp://www.worldses.org/conferences/2004/italy/nna/index.htmlacademicNN applications - allB
FLAIRS 2004Florida Art.Intelligence Research Society - Special Track: Neural Network ApplicationsMiami Beach, FL 17.-19.5.200424.10.200307.01.200406.02.2004 http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/flairs04/NNTrack.htmlacademic C
CIHSPS 2004Computational Intelligence for Homeland Security and Personal SafetyVenice, Italy 21.-22.07.2004    http://www.crema.unimi.it/cihsps2004academic C
CIMSA 2004Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and ApplicatinsBoston, MA 14.-1607.2004    http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/im/cimsaacademic C
CF 2004Computing FrontiersIschia, Italy 14.-16.04.2004    http://www.computingfrontiers.orgacademic C
IBF SCM 2004Supply Chain Forecasting Conference 2004Phoenix, USA22.02.200424.02.2004  n.a.IBFhttp://www.ibf.orgcorporateSupply Chain ForecastingB
IBF SCM 2004Supply Chain Forecasting Conference Europe 2004UK May 2004  n.a.IBFhttp://www.ibf.orgcoprorateSupply Chain ForecastingB
IBF Tutorial '04Business Forecasting Tutorial 2004San Francisco, USA 24.-25.06.2004  n.a.IBFhttp://www.ibf.orgcoprorateTutorial on Business ForecastingB
IBF Tutorial '04Business Forecasting Tutorial 2004Boston, USA 23.-24.08.2004  n.a.IBFhttp://www.ibf.orgcoprorateTutorial on Business ForecastingB
ISF 2004 Sydney, Australia           
ISF 2003 Merida, Mexico           
ISF 2002 Dublin, Ireland          
ISF 2001  Atlanta, GA           
ISF 2000  Lisbon, Portugal          
ISF 1999 Washington, DC          
ISF 1998  Edinburgh           
ISF 1997 Barbados           
13th Federal Forecasters Conference (2003)             
Forecasting Summit 2003             
26th CIRET Conference 2002 Taiwan           
Forecasting Summit 2002 Boston           
Forecasting Financial Markets 2001 London          
12th Federal Forecasters Conference  Washington, D.C.           
Federal Forecasters Conference 1999 Washington DC           
Judgmental Inputs to the Forecasting Process 1998  London           
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-05)

July 31st to August 5th 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

IJCAI is the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the main international gathering of researchers in AI. Held biennially in odd-numbered years since 1969, IJCAI is sponsored jointly by IJCAI and the national AI societie(s) of the host nation(s).


The 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2004)

August 22th - 27th 2004, Valencia, Spain

The 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2004) will be held in Valencia, Spain, on August 24 through 27, 2004. The conference will be hosted by the 泥epartamento de Sistemas Inform疸icos y Computacin (DSIC) of the Universidad Polit鐵nica de Valencia.


The Nineteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

July 25-29, 2004, San Jose, USA

The AAAI-04 Conference will be held in San Jose, California, at the San Jose Convention Center


International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2004)

July 25-29, 2004, Budapest, Hungary

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks in Budapest, Hungary: http://www.ijcnn.net


The 17th International FLAIRS Conference

May 17-19, 2004, Florida, USA

Neural Network Applications Special Track in cooperation with the American Association for Artificial Intelligence.


The 12th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks

April 28-30, 2004, Bruges, Belgium

The 12th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks is a major event for neural network researchers all over the world. Il will be held in Bruges, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe.


Neural Informational Processing Systems 2003

December 8-13, 2003, Vancouver and Whistler, BC Canada

Neural Information Systems Processing Systems (NIPS) 2003 Conference
NIPS Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to foster the exchange of research on neural information processing systems in their biological, technological, mathematical, and theoretical aspects. Neural information processing is a field which benefits from a combined view of biological, physical, mathematical, and computational sciences.



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